Stardust Custom Wood

Stardust CW Rosewood

Stardust Custom Wood


The Stardust model is a unique instrument of its kind.
This project combines the best features of semi-hollows with those of solid bodies. A sound similar to that of a semi-acoustic, much warmer and more present with an incredible attack and sustain.
The body is in solid mahogany hollowed out on both sides, thus maintaining the central block and the top is worked with similar techniques adopted for the traditional semihollows.
Thanks also to PAF Lollar Imperial Low Wind we can range from Hard Rock, Blues to Swing and Jazz sounds.
The width of the body is about 38cm, a classic design with a small size. The weight is between 3.3 / 3.4 kg and the instrument is perfectly balanced between neck and body.


STARDUST demo in blues style


STARDUST demo in jazz style

Hard Rock

STARDUST demo in Hard Rock style


STARDUST demo in funky style